Deisig Design


DEISIG DESIGN is an industrial design studio based in Berlin.

Wolfgang Deisig

Ind. Designer, founded the studio in 1971. From 1976 on the Studio was based in the Castle of Natzungen/NRW and moved to Berlin in 1988.

Picture of Wolfgang Deisig 

Nils Köhn

Since 2001 Nils Köhn supports the Team as a Senior Designer.

Nils Köhn

Alias Mini OneDesigning with Alias Alias WorkDesigning with Alias Alias Chair BackDesigning with Alias Alias LuggieDesigning with Alias Pro EngineerDesigning with Pro Engineer Studio PaintDesigning with Studio Paint3-D PrintingDesigning with the most advanced 3-D modeling Software


The experience of DEISIG DESIGN covers a number of product areas, such as office- and home-furniture, bathroom products and health care, with successful products on the market. 

In the area of office chairs, the VITRAMAT was Vitra's first best selling product and was sold for more than 30 years.

The SENSOR-Chair for Steelcase/USA became a long seller as well and was one of the most successful office chairs worldwide.

Based on deep ergonomic research and the changing ways of working, new and innovative concepts have been developed and have received major international Design Awards, like the 2007 GOOD DESIGN Award for the Metrix-Chair for Teknion.

Recently new developments have been launched for Kinnarps/Drabert, Senator/UK and HON/USA.

The Studio is equipped with 'state of the art computer technology' in 2-D and 3-D and 'Rapid Prototyping' Facilities with the Software of Pro-E, Alias and Studio Paint. This allows for sketching, photo realistic renderings as well as all kinds of construction work for engineering and 1:1 modeling.